Megan Talay Sings To Millennials In Her New EP

Megan Talay is an indie artist whose journey mirrors many creative millennials today. She is a college educated with an entrepreneurial spirit, who found herself living back home with her parents after she graduated college. Luckily, Talay didn’t abandon her love for music and settle for a 9-5, instead she decided to write a song about it. Fans are lucky enough to go back into time with Talay by rocking out to her new EP entitled Talay.

The singer distinctly remembers writing lyrics to “Parents’ House,” the first track on her EP. Oddly enough, Talay wrote that song in the basement of her parents’ house right after her 23rd birthday while she was home from college. She sings, “This part-time job it doesn’t pay much, but at least rent is free when you are living in your parents house… I know you really want me baby right next to these baby pictures of me.”

At the tender age of 13, Megan Talay’s career began. She was inspired by Fall Out Boy’s and started writing songs and playing guitar. Talay deepened her music skills at the University of Miami, which had a music and songwriting program that allowed Talay to also pursue her business degree, which came in handy as an indie artist.

“I remember showing my mom the song “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. I thought the guitar sounded easy,” said Talay.

Ever since hearing the sound of Floyd’s guitar, Talay has been playing the instrument she recalls hearing in all of her favorite songs growing up. Talay enjoys the lyrical aspect of music, which allows her to share her personal experiences with fans. 

“The emphasis of what I do comes from sharing my thoughts and lyrics that I write,” she said. “Someone is going to relate to them.”

Just like many indie artists and millennials, Talay decided that a desk job was just not fulfilling her purpose. She gave it a shot after college, but couldn’t ignore the yearning to pursue music full-time to create music and inspire listeners.  

“I want to be able to support my life through the things I create,” said Talay..

On June 2, Talay’s second EP released, which is electric guitar heavy. The EP was co-produced by Greg Mayo (Bernhoft, Delta Rae) and Zach Jones (Sting, A Great Big World, Wakey! Wakey!) and mixed by Ducky Carlisle (Demi Lovato, Rooney).

“I want to take my tunes as far as they can go,” said Talay. 

Megan Talay is currently on tour. She will be performing in Brooklyn on June 10. Click here to check out her full tour schedule.

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