Jamila Woods “Holy”

Jamila Woods video “Holy” is the middle ground somewhere between a self-loving hymn and a shout-out to black female power in the face of loneliness that will literally make your hair stand up. The song itself mixes together eloquent and powerful lyrics with her sweet, yet beautifully chilling voice that leaves you with an empowered sense of self.

Woods video illuminates contagious themes of unapologetic selfhood in intimate settings of beds, baths, and churches. The Chicago songstress sticks to sounds and images of confidence and perseverance present in last year’s release of “Blk Girl Soldier” through lyrics like “I’m not lonely, I’m alone / And I’m holy, by my own” coupled with images of her owning it in the bathtub and reflections of the dancers in the bedroom mirror.

“Holy” is a tribute not only to Woods artistry inspired by literary and musical icons like Toni Morrison and Kendrick Lamar, but also a call to the poignant identities and self-reliance. Because being alone and loneliness are not one and the same.

Jamila Woods is currently on tour. She will be hitting the road with singer Corinne Bailey on exclusive dates. Want to see her live? Click here!

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