Hermano Stereo: On Music and Being Pretty Brave

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With a DIY pop sound, Hermano Stereo has been perfecting their dream-like combination of synths and guitars to perfect an album that captures their sound. They grab influences from the Talking Heads and the Pixies.

Recently, the trio was named one of “35 N.J. Bands You Must Hear in 2017” by NJ.com. Their newest video “Pretty Brave” was featured on Impose MagazineTheir video and self produced album marks their recent success. Hermano Stereo took a moment out of their schedule to chat with So Gutsy. Here’s what they had to say!

So Gutsy: How was it to self produce your album Charmed, I’m Pretty Sure?

Scott Thomas: It took us a long time, a little over two years. We started making the record with two members that are no longer in the band.

So Gutsy: What were some of the challenges you confronted when producing this album independently? 

Montana Loran: It was hard for us to know when to stop touching the music. A studio is a set amount of time, but when you’re at home you want to constantly touch the music. 

So Gutsy: Your single, “The Tumbleweeds,” talks about deception and staying out of danger. Can you tell me a little bit more about the inspiration and story behind this song? 

Scott Thomas: The Tumbleweeds was inspired by the politics in our country… We went to a party and a political debate ensued and it got really heated, so that song for us is a way to express how two sided things are [in politics]. We tried to make a song that represented the empty and full parts [of life].

So Gutsy: What’s some of the inspiration that goes into your unique sound?

Scott Thomas: We grew up listening to different kinds of music when it came to this album. We were always into bands like the Talking Heads, Pixies, and a lot of music from the 80s and 90s—Modest Mouse.  A lot of our inspiration comes from contemporary pop.

So Gutsy: Recently your video “Pretty Brave” was featured in Impose Magazine, could you give me some insight on the vision behind this video? 

Montana Loran: The video features a lot of our friends. It was this idea to have everyone in it. We filmed it over the course of two weekends on a green screen. We set out to make a song for another record, but didn’t want to focus on just singing. The green screen allowed us to do whatever we visualized.

So Gutsy: I’ve heard that Hermano Stereo is working on a new album. What can listeners expect from this  album?

Montana Loran: The album that we’re working on now is more upbeat. I don’t think it’s a huge departure from the way we sound, but it is more upbeat. 

Scott Thomas: It took a long time to make an album that is super personal and some of the songs are more ‘feel-good’ and lighter.

Hermano Stereo’s next self produced album is expected to release at the end of the year. Interested in learning and hearing more of their music? Check out the full track list of the trios most recent project  CHARMED, I’M SURE below. Listen to their full album here.


1. iHOPE
2. Pretty Brave
3. Brown Bag/Sparrow
4. Keep Laughin’
5. The Orchard
6. The Tumbleweeds
7. A Big Brown Dog
8. The Wizard
9. The Light Out/The Dirt My Brain Looks Like
10. Earth in Reverse

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