Membran Entertainment Group Helps Independent Artists Remain Indie

Membran Entertainment Group has established themselves as a company that supports independent and international artists without binding them to a record label. Jeff Greene, a publicist for the Membran Entertainment Group, took a moment out his busy schedule to discuss  how independent artists succeed through utilizing Membran’s services, which serves as a tool for artists to “help develop their career long-term,” said Greene.

When artists collaborate with Membran they don’t have to give away any of their rights to their music, making the company attractive to artists who ethically believe in taking the indie route to success. 

“As an independent artist you have to define what you want,” said Greene.

Membran represents artists from every genre including jazz musician Gregory Porter, soul artist Joss Stone, and many more. This indie bred company looks at the way artists captivate their audience and obtain an innate charismatic energy. Independent artists who are seeking recognition and ways to promote their brand can look to Membran to build their fanbase and have professional representation by a team who believes in artists staying authentic. Membran offers everything from marketing to album and tour promotion. Greene said that every relationship with an artist is different because Membran caters to artists needs. 

Independent artists such as Jacob Collier and Anderson .Paak have received Grammy nominations with the help of Membran. Their success has shown recently when they received nominations at this year’s Grammy’s. Paak received nominations for Best New Artist and Best Urban Contemporary Album. Collier won Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals and Best Arrangement Instrumental or A Capella. Membran is very active in scouting out new artists. This is a factor that has contributed to their recent success.

“The diversity of the artists was one of the most compelling things,” said Greene.

Membran recognized the buzz around artists such as .Paak and Collier when they first started. Jacob Collier started out using social media to promote his music. He gained popularity through his YouTube channel and the rest was history. Membran caught on to Anderson .Paak’s talent early.

“For someone like Anderson, you can start to see the buzz around them and identify talent early,” said Greene.

Anderson .Paak

Membran worked with Paak to help his following expand outside the U.S. and helped build his audience using touring and album promotion. The Membran Entertainment Group used their services to “expand artists online audience, digital retail and streaming visibility, while using marketing tie-ins,” said Greene.

When looking for artists Membran searches for a blend of different influences. With recent trends artists are increasingly taking the independent route, which helps them reap the Chance the Rapper benefits. 

“It used to be big label or nothing,” said Greene.

However, now independent artists are gaining more recognition. Chance the Rapper developed an impressive fanbase and won Grammy nominations for Best New Artist, Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance by staying indie. When Chance sweeped three Grammy’s without being signed to a major label it blew the industry away and his supporters were extremely proud of his achievements.

“It’s a marker in time for what indie artists can achieve,” said Greene.

The industry is changing and artists are using resources other than the traditional record label route, with the help of Membran it will be interesting to see what the future holds for independent artists.

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