Purmamarca “Bring Up the Soft Dreams”

“Everything Under the Sun” sets the euphoric tone for Purmamarca‘s new album Bring Up the Soft Dreams. Purmamarca is a more indie and less electronic M83.

Great instrumentals are a constant throughout this album. “Reservoir” has a genius sound and verse that will pull any listener in immediately. This album has a lot of slow jams with great verses. It can be bought for $7 or listened to online. Any fan of ambient rock should give Purmamarca a listen. Their pure talent is broadcasted in this 9 track album. The band considers “Rear View” as the cornerstone of Bring Up the Soft Dreams. The cover artwork, done by Jesse Treece, adds to the vibe of the band’s sound.

Purmamarca’s album will make you melt and want to slip into a comfortable ambient rock-obsessed coma for the entirety of 2017.

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