Ari Shellist Discusses Being the Leading Man of His Own Band

Ari Shellist, the musician behind Imperial Manor, envelops the psychedelic rock sound in his first song, Birthday.”It is called birthday because I wrote it on my birthday,” he stated.

Ari is a Columbia, Missouri based musician who is originally from Chicago. He has played in a few local bands and just recently is making his solo debut.

“It is different than the other bands that I am in because Imperial Manor is me,” he said. “My music ends up being what I feel at the moment.”

Shellist released his music because he began to feel confident and heard nothing, but positive reviews and listeners encouraging him. It began with a drum set that he bought when he was a kid, which was fine but Shellist was more interested in guitar. Luckily, his brother had a guitar laying around. Shellist picked it up when he was 15 and his enthusiasm about music manifested over the years.

When Shellist is not playing music, he is missing playing music. “It’s what I want to do. I want to make music and help other people make music.” Performing is something that Shellist has done his fair share of in college and he hopes to continue in other music projects and as Imperial Manor. There was a point when Shellist was playing 17 shows a semester with the band Ray Wild.

“Performing is a very special part of the process,” he said. “It has made me a better musician.”

With that being said, making music is the part he spends the most time doing. The majority of time is spent writing. There is not a specific starting point when Shellist writes songs. It can begin with piano chords or guitar riffs. Listen to his latest track “The Mirror” above and let us know what you think.

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  1. Terri Becker

    Imperial Manor sounds amazing, love the song Birthday! We knew you when Ari…keep up your love of music and you will go far!

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