Album Review: Lorine Chia “When Morning Comes”

In her most recently released EP, Cameroonian born, Atlanta raised singer/songwriter/rapper, Lorine Chia, along with LA based producer Romero Mosley present a beautifully melodic six-tracked body of work titled, When Morning Comes, released January 6, 2017.

Upon listening, the listener is welcomed by a heartfelt chant in the EP’s intro “Speak Life,” leading onto an array of jazzy-filled melodies against sultry vocals and smooth instrumentals.

Although the soulful melodies of Chia’s voice have the ability to easily mesmerize its audience, it is the subject-matter of each song that connects the listener furthermore as the subject of love, relationships, inner conflicts, and much more are tackled. This project is well crafted and fulfilling to music lovers ears. 

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