No Fear Here for singer-songwriter Bianca Rose’s Debut Effort

Honest and stripped down, Bianca Rose’s newest single, “Because of Love,” sounds like a private backyard performance. That’s to say- it’s deeply personal and draws you in for more. Opening with simple strums and Rose’s deep cadence, the song takes on a new life when featured artist Ayanna Witter-Johnson, a fellow singer-songwriter and cellist in her own right, joins in for a bare-bones duet.

The song is the second track from Rose’s brand new, debut album, No Fear Here. While No Fear, released on January 30th, is a first for Rose, the British/Jamaican/Nigerian songstress is no stranger to crafting melodies. For the better part of a decade she has written and composed music, including the self-released EP Truth and Tiny Tragedies.

Rose’s sound is a careful balance; it draws in folk chords (she plays guitar and ukulele) while sinking and rising in soulful scales.

“These songs are snippets of the lessons I’ve learned and am still learning,” says Rose. “Some people believe that fear is something we should live with, or that we should use it as motivation… I believe it’s something to be conquered and routed out of every area of our lives.”

“Because of Love” risks over-simplicity in a single, but Rose relies on the quiet strength of her voice to draw you in, and keep you moving.

Watch her new video ‘Because of Love’ featuring Ayanna Witter-Johnson and purchase No Fear Here.

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