Geowulf “Don’t Talk About You”

Geowulf’s new single “Don’t Talk About You” is the indie pop track you need to add to your next playlist.

“Don’t Talk About You” came shortly after the duo announced their signing to the 37 Adventures music label and their extremely successful first single “Saltwater.” The pop duo comprised of Star Kendrick and Toma Benjamin shot this 90’s inspired piece in Berlin to capture their hip personalities. 

“This song went through a geographical & creative metamorphosis over almost two years,” said Star.

This track has a pop melody that covers the relatable issue of toxic breakups. “I guess the song speaks for itself, but ultimately it falls in the good ol “wanting-something-that-ain’t-good-for-you” vein …,” Star said.

“Don’t Talk about You” is a song with melodic pop gems that give the duo an uplifting introduction into the music industry. You can watch the full video above! 

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