Baloji’s “Spoiler” is the African Hip-hop Track Your Playlist Has Been Missing

Move over Kendrick Lamar, there’s a new “don’t kill my vibe” anthem. You may have heard of British rapper, Baloji, but after hearing his latest track, “Spoiler,” you won’t soon forget his name.

Baloji was born in Congo, but is based in Belgium. He recently signed to U.K. indie powerhouse Bella Union, where he released his EP, 64 Bits & Malachite this November. The EP includes, “Spoiler” along with four other songs, all of which embody African beats with a bit of hip-hop influence.

“Spoiler” features Queens rapper, Heem, and gives the listener a little taste of Baloji’s Congolese roots. A jazzy African beat plays in the background, making it almost impossible to keep from dancing to the funky beats. Although “Spoiler” has a fun and seemingly uplifting melody, the track’s lyrics are centered around being annoyed by someone who is “killing the vibe” (hence the title). Baloji speaks to this “Spoiler” with straightforward words:
“You a buzzkill, you a killjoy”
“Why you over here dawg, go that way.”

The catchy track is definitely repeat-worthy, and you can find it along with the entire 64 Bits & Malachite EP on iTunes for download, today.

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