Nicky Davey “Oxygen”

If you like raspy, soulful music of the likes of Robin Thicke with a touch of Majid Jordan, turn your attention to LA-bred, Nicky Davey, a duo of sensual singers with acoustic guitar and bass. Their latest video “Oxygen” is a twist on an R&B sound with a pop undertone and is sure to be on everyone’s R rated playlist.


The lyrics, “Higher than high,” and “Up in the sky, you can be my oxygen” create a feeling of euphoria they propose the girl is giving them. Tosha Eason, style curator and model is not only the lucky lady featured in the video, but also who the song is about. Although it is her first feature in a video, you can see the camera shy-ness, which is cute but with lines like,”we’re taking off tonight,” it screams for sexier scenes and maybe the gentleman involved to make a cameo. Nonetheless, the video is expertly styled from her wardrobe, the loft view and the smoke clouds that drift by.

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