Vann Gets Steamy in the “Backseat”

Nashville-based artist Vann who hails from DC heats things up in his latest Flash-produced debut “Backseat.” Originally written for Chris Brown, this slow jam is one for both the ladies and fellas. It intertwines 2 Live Crew’s “Head Down, Ass Up,” by intricately describing a backseat rendezvous between two lovers.

“I want you to have my babies/ In the back of this Mercedes/ While we both doing 180/ I wanna make your body quiver/ Make this a night to remember,” Vann sings.

If you can’t tell by the album’s cover, “Backseat” serves up a dose of sexy, provocative and steamy. From smooth production and a great set of vocals, Vann is able to offer his listeners the perfect blend of old school meets new school R&B. Whether raunchy hookups are a thing of the past,  one must appreciate Vann’s ability to sample Ludacris’ club hit “What’s Your Fantasy” in the song’s intro.

Although the song might have been originally written for Chris Brown, perhaps it is good thing that Vann decided to fall back from that potential opportunity. “I actually wrote this song for Chris Brown, but I never heard back from his team,” Vann told HNHH. “I played it for a couple of my industry peers and everybody was like that’s the one, you need to drop that asap.”

What do you think of Vann’s hit?
Listen to Vann’s new single “Backseat” above and let us know what you think.

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