Jade De LaFleur “Come and See Me”

If you need a song you can vibe to then look no further than “Come and See Me” by Jade De LaFleur. A cover of PartyNextDoor and Drake’s song, De LaFleur gives it a feminine sound that really works. Although the lyrics are the same, her voice brings a whole new perspective to the track that more women may be able to relate to.  

The Louisiana native bringing her sound to the Big Apple is known for her R&B style of music after dropping her aptly named first EP Jaded in 2014. Her road to fame has also been influenced by Solange Knowles who De LaFleur went on tour with.  

Her cover of “Come and See Me,” however, is just a means of holding us over until her anticipated second EP is released this summer. Until then, follow her on Twitter @JadeDeLaFleur.

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