Get Familiar: Malky Taking Over the Indie Scene

10427332_531733536967815_1315552375511943672_nMeet singer Daniel Stoyanov and pianist Michael Vajna. Together, they form Malky, a new band that will make you fall in love with different genres of music at once, starting with their new song “Diamonds.”

“Malky” is a Bulgarian word that stands for “little boy.” Stoyanov indeed comes from Bulgaria, while Vajna, who is also a producer and has Hungarian ancestors. However, both of them live in Germany, where they met and make good music.

When hearing Malky’s Diamonds EP  for the first time, you’ll be reminded of Frank Ocean, but the band stands out in making eclectic music with a soulful nostalgic feel to it. Stoyanov’s sweet voice also brings the four songs to life.

Malky’s EP Diamonds was released on April 7th and is available on iTunes. Make sure to give it a listen because you’ll regret not having the dreamy mix of acoustic, mellow electronic, and R&B music.



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