Milán Brings Fierce Electro Alternative Sound To Indie

1383074_887556411254423_2028864884874713672_nSince Euro Electro Pop artist Milán  journeyed to Brooklyn from Amsterdam, she found comfort in sitting in the driver’s seat.

“All in all, it’s a very powerful thing to make your own art,” said Milán.

The Vienna born songstress also known as  Maria Neckam has worked with @Fatbellybella (Erykah Badu), Mesta Bish, and Brooklyn producer Jim Orso. With the recent release of her self titled EP Milán invading the indie music blogosphere and wrapping up an EP release show at New York’s (Le) Poisson Rouge last week, Milán is truly defining her art on her on terms.

Milán carved some time out her hectic schedule to chat with So Gutsy about working with E. Badu, her new EP, and offered advice to emerging artists. Read full interview below.

SG: In your own words, who is Milán?

Milán: Milán is a fierce electro/alternative singer-songwriter, an artist who lives and loves in Brooklyn, bringing along a touch of Europe.

SG: In a nutshell, what has your journey as an indie artist been like?

Milán: It’s been exciting! There are ups and downs, questions and answers, and sometimes it feels like free falling. All in all, it’s a very powerful thing to make your own art, sitting in the driver’s seat in all aspects of your work, while enjoying being part of a community, with friends that are trying to find their way through the same jungle as you.


SG: Your style looks like it’s been touched by Brooklyn. Can you talk about some of your favorite places to shop in the city?

Milán: There are great record stores like Academy Records Annex and Rough Trade, and vintage stores like Beacon’s Closet, and others in Bushwick, I particularly love the little, private second-hand stores in Greenpoint that are scattered all over the area.

SG: You’ve worked with artists such as Erykah Badu, the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra, and the list goes on. How was it working with Ms. Badu?

Milán: It was a very inspiring experience. She is a great artist and a wonderful person, humble and down to earth, but no matter what goes on around her, she always has an amazing presence and owns each situation with her powerful, unique singing style.

It was also incredible to work with the Brooklyn Phil. performing with orchestra has definitely been a life changing experience.

SG: If you could describe your new EP in three words, what would you say?

Milán: Adventure, power, and heart.

SG: You have previously released a jazz EP and “DK6” is a departure from those roots. What prompted the change and have you carried any jazz influence over into this new EP?

Milán: I have actually released 3 albums of my own, acoustic music before, and 2 Singles as Milán (“You” and “Voices”), plus remixes. I’ve always loved electronic and pop/indie music, and there came a point where I realized that this is what I wanted to focus on. Right now, what I want is to make music that touches people in a very direct, emotional way. I want to make you dance, and I want to make you cry, or feel something, something real, that’s all that matters.


SG: Jim Orso produced your new EP Milán, how was it working with him?

Milán: So great! Jim is super creative, versatile and open. I trust his artistic judgement. We understand each other. And most importantly, he really cares about the music.

SG: What advice would you give to other emerging artists like yourself?

Milán: Just do what you love and stick with it. Learn as much as you can and always do your best, but don’t get too distracted by what others are doing. I think patience and perseverance are key.

SG: What’s next for Milán in the music department?

Milán: I can’t wait to go on tour with this music and I am also finishing up an EP with Pax Humana, a team of two producers who I love working with too. More music coming your way!

-Allison Sadlier


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