Lorine Chia- “Let Me Fly ”

In preparation for her upcoming project, Sweet Noise, singer/rapper/songwriter Lorine Chia has released her new single “Let Me Fly.”

The track, produced by Rami Beatz, describes a feeling that is familiar to many of us: I work hard, so I deserve to play hard. The lyrics describe the need to take time for one’s self, unplug, and go outside to enjoy the sunshine. Rami’s simple beat compliments the lyrics with melodic horns and keys and soft drums.

Cameroonian born and Los Angeles based Lorine Chia’s silky voice is sure to put listeners in a trance. While the influence of Los Angeles can be easily heard in her vocals, Lorine is still set apart from other singers with her low, velvety delivery.

Look out for Lorine Chia’s new EP, Sweet Noise.

-Shannon Moham

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